Project Update: Smart City

A proposed technology project that would transform Eaton into a nation-leading ‘Smart City’ was considered again by the Dardanup Shire Council recently and referred to its March 2018 mid-year Budget Review process for further analysis.

The Shire of Dardanup is leading a joint investigation with the City of Bunbury and shires of Capel and Harvey into the opportunities for implementation of an Internet of Things that would service the Bunbury Geographe area.

This follows Shire President Mick Bennett floating the idea in February with neighbouring local governments.

Federal Government grant opportunities could assist with start-up costs, however a financial commitment from each of the participating local governments would be required to turn the vision into reality.

But what even IS an Internet of Things or IoT as it’s commonly referred to?

Essentially installation of the enabling technology (called a LoRaWAN ) creates communities where people are connected to each other and things that are important to them like never before.

Track movement of your pets so they don’t get lost, detect intruders or smoke at home when you’re out, be advised when your parking ticket is about to run out, know from the supermarket if your fridge at home is low on milk, when the swimming pool water quality needs attention or your rainwater tank is full.

The possibilities for an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) are limitless and potentially set in motion a cascade of ripple effects driving economic growth and development.

How exactly?

Shire President Mick Bennett said enhancing the region’s digital capability would overcome the tyranny of distance and create new possibilities for cutting-edge businesses.

“Plus we’re potentially in a position to attract new populations of highly educated and digitally-aware residents,” he said.

But if you’re wondering how an IoT could improve your everyday life, here are just a few examples of its applications – items that can be tracked, measured, managed and operated using the free, open, internet connection provided by an Internet of Things:

  • Parking, noise and air pollution, people detection, traffic management, LED street lighting, bins;
  • Building occupancy, building monitoring, asset management, asset tracking;
  • Water consumption, water tanks and pumps, chemical contamination detection, swimming pool monitoring, sea water pollution measurement, leak detection, tide monitoring;
  • Intruder detection, smoke detection, tracking vehicles, bicycles, objects of value, animals, people;
  • Land, sea, air quality and pollution;
  • Fire detection, cyclone measurement, radiation levels, flood mitigation and tracking, earthquake detection;
  • Electricity/water/gas meters, measurement of liquid levels;
  • Monitoring of machines/state of equipment;
  • Weather (temperature, humidity, salinity, wind) irrigation and water consumption, greenhouse, warehouse, storage environment monitoring, composting and animal tracking.

Stay tuned for further updates as this project progresses…