Project Update: Peninsula Lakes Playground

Opening of our new playground at Peninsula Lakes in Eaton is on track for a pre-Christmas opening with a limestone boundary wall being installed this week.

Delivery of soft-fall sand for the site is also due this week.

We’ve also had a few questions around fencing and parking at the new park from community members which our Landscape Designer has addressed below.

Is there provision for a fence between the play area and the water in future stages?

Council currently does not install fences around its playground facilities. This is based on the understanding that children are being supervised by a parent, guardian or nominated responsible carer at all times when visiting playgrounds. Council will monitor the usage of the new playground and can reconsider this should there be any concerns.

Will there be a carpark or a vehicle accessible entrance to park in the reserve in future stages? The current kerbing surrounding the park does not accommodate all vehicle types.

At this stage, a car park will not be constructed for the playground. The park was created to service the local community and walking to the new playground is encouraged. If necessary, parking can occur on the less busy streets surrounding the park. Council will monitor the usage of the park and parking in the vicinity to determine whether off-road parking needs to be considered in the future.

For more detail on features included in the new playground, please visit this previous post to our website.