Project Update: Gnomesville Master Plan

The future management of the Ferguson Valley’s Gnomesville tourist attraction was the topic of a brainstorm by Council’s new working group last week.

The group was formed to develop a Master Plan for the ongoing management of Gnomesville and includes Shire Councillors, Shire Staff plus representatives from Ferguson Valley Marketing and Wellington Mill Residents Association.

The Master Plan will not only guide management of the now world-renowned tourist attraction but aim to retain its unique character while mitigating identified risks and protecting private property.

It is anticipated the Plan will include a range of proposed improvements and will then be used to source additional funding and provide consideration for the Shire’s forward capital works plans.

Following community feedback provided at a workshop in 2016, a temporary fence and an interim gravel carpark installed.

Visitors to Gnomesville are encouraged to use the new carpark as a safer option rather than parking on the busy road verge.

A detailed survey of the site has been conducted by Shire Staff to assist the Master Plan Working Group.

Community input will be sought on the Master Plan before it is adopted by Council.

Shire of Dardanup CEO Mark Chester said: “We received strong feedback from the community about its expectations for the future of Gnomesville through a previous consultation process.

“In response to that feedback we are working towards a future plan that balances local wishes while capitalising on the potential provided by the site as a nationally-recognised tourist location.”

Stay tuned for further updates as this project progresses…