Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy (LPS) is intended to set out the Shire of Dardanup’s broad vision and the longer term directions for land use and development.  The guiding principles for Local Planning Strategy are:

  • To provide a strategic plan that will plan for the future of the Shire in a responsible manner and reflects the aspirations of the Shire and its community, accommodates future needs and creates opportunities to enhance local attributes.
  • To provide a strategic plan that is consistent with state and regional planning policies, strategies, structure plans and strategic development initiatives.
  • To provide a strategic plan that is clear, comprehensive, accessible, informative, logical and transparent that provides strategic planning direction for the next 15 years.
  • To provide a strategic plan that is a ‘leadership’ document that provides the basis for the preparation of the Shire’s new Local Planning Scheme.

>Local Planning Strategy

Strategy Maps (Part 1)

Map 1.0: Local Planning Strategy Area
Map 2.0: Overview
Map 2.1: Land Use Changes
Map 2.2: Urban Expansion Staging
Map 2.3: Dardanup & Burekup – Urban Settlement
> Map 2.4: Future Commercial Areas
> Map 2.5: Significant Environmental Areas

Background Maps (Part 2)

Map 3.0: Physiographic Regions
Map 4.0 Geomorphic Wetlands
Map 5.0: Native Vegetation
> Map 6.0: 100 year ARI Flood Potential
> Map 7.0: Bushfire Prone Areas