Planning Policies & Standards

While the Shire of Dardanup’s Town Planning Scheme provides a general overview on how land-use should occur within the Shire by defining zones, our Planning Policies address and guide land-use issues in much greater detail with the objective of improving and/or enhancing existing amenity.

The Shire’s Planning Department has Policies on things like Residential Development, Display Homes and Transportable Buildings. Please select from the list below:

SDev CP028 – Variation to Deemed-To-Comply Requirements of the R-Codes Medium Density Single House Development Standards
SDev CP030 – Construction of Outbuildings In The Small Holding Zone Prior To Completion Of A Dwelling
SDev CP047 – State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) Representation Policy
SDev CP067 – New Roads and Upgrades – Provision For and Contribution By Developers
SDev CP068 – Uniform Fencing Abutting Public Land and Street Landscaping Within Subdivisions – Maintenance
SDev CP084 – Advertising Signage
SDev CP091 – Exempted Development and Land Use
SDev CP092 – Millbridge Estate – Special Provisions
SDev CP093 – Sustainability
SDev CP094 – Dardanup West-Crooked Brook Area – Provision of Foreshore Facilities Developer Contribution
SDev CP096 – Sea Containers
SDev CP099 – Display Homes – Development Standards
SDev CP100 – Ancillary Dwellings, Grouped Dwellings and Caretaker’s Dwellings – Small Holding and General Farming Zones
SDev CP102 – R100 Southbank Development Guidelines
SDev CP104 – Caravans as Temporary Accommodation
SDev CP502 – Waiving and Refunding of Fees
SDev CP503 – Development Assessment Unit
SDev CP504 – Amendments and Extensions to Existing Approvals Policy
SDev CP505 – Public Consultation – Planning Matters