Planning Services

Urban & Regional Planning is concerned with the use of land and the design of our urban and regional environment.

It is more than just creating physical environments – it’s a way of sustainably changing and shaping our communities and environment.

The Dardanup Shire is covered by Town Planning Schemes that control land use and development.  The schemes set out where certain developments and land use can occur based on the zoning of the land as stipulated in the schemes.

There are many restrictions placed on land use and development within the shire. This benefits the community by protecting the amenity and environment of the surrounding area.  The Shire of Dardanup recommends that prospective developers/purchasers make enquiries with the Planning Services Division before purchasing land, finalising plans/proposals or commencing development.

Please select from information within this Planning Services section of our website to assist with your enquiry. If you are new to this process, you might find the below page a good place to start…

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