Zoning Information

The Shire of Dardanup’s  Town Planning Scheme consists of the Scheme Text and Scheme Maps.  The Scheme determines where certain developments and land uses can occur, depending on the zoning of the land.  The Scheme currently provides for the following zones:

Residential Other Community
 Short-Stay Residential  General Farming
 Tourist  Small Holding
 Mixed Business  Business-Commercial
 Light Industry  Development
 General Industry  Special Use

The location of each zone can be found on the Scheme Maps and are colour coded as per the Legend.  The Scheme Text provides a range of development standards depending on the type and location of the development or land use.

Residential development is also controlled by the Residential Design Codes.  The Residential Design Codes provides requirements on a number of matters including setbacks, site coverage, open space, car parking, depending on the density code allocated to the land.

The number of dwellings that can be developed on residential land depends on the density code and size of the land.  This can be calculated using Table 1 of the Residential Design Codes.