Planning Schemes

Town Planning Scheme No. 3

The Shire of Dardanup’s  Town Planning Scheme consists of the Scheme Text and Scheme Maps.  The Scheme determines where certain developments and land uses can occur, depending on the zoning of the land.

> Scheme Text
> Scheme Map Legend

 Map 1 – Dardanup Overall  Map 6 – Dardanup North West Locality
Map 2 – Eaton Townsite North Map 7 – Dardanup West
 Map 3 – Eaton Townsite West  Map 8 – Burekup Townsite
 Map 4 – Eaton Townsite East  Map 9 – Dardanup Townsite
 Map 5 – Picton East

Joint Town Planning Scheme No. 1 – Shire of Harvey & Shire of Dardanup (East Australind/Eaton Precinct Development Scheme)

The Joint Town Planning Scheme with the Shire of Harvey covers the urban development areas commonly referred to as Millbridge & Parkridge within the Shire and Treendale within the Shire of Harvey.

The main purpose of the Joint Town Planning Scheme is to make provision for the construction and/or upgrading of major roads within the Scheme area and to make provision for the construction of a bridge over the Collie River.

> Joint Town Planning Scheme Text
> Joint Town Planning Scheme Map

Greater Bunbury Region Scheme

The Greater Bunbury Region Scheme defines the future of land use by dividing it into zones and reservations.  The Shire’s Town Planning Scheme is required to be consistent with the Greater Bunbury Region Scheme.

> Region Scheme Text
> Region Scheme Maps

*Note: Above are all sourced by external links to the Western Australian Planning Commission.