Building Information Sheets

Applying for a Building Permit:

Certified – Building Permit Application Guide
> Uncertified – Building Permit Application Guide

  • What is the process?
  • What is certified vs uncertified?

> Uncertified Class 1 – Uncertified Class 1 Checklist

>  Uncertified Class 10 – Uncertified Class 10 Checklist

>  Building Application & Associated Fees – Building and Associated Fees



> New 6 Star Energy Efficiency Requirements

If you need an Energy Efficiency Report, here is a list of Assessors and their contact details who are members of the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors.

> Energy Efficiency Assessors


A guide to creating public facilities that are accessible for all.

> Disability Access Poster

10 Steps and Checks to complete for an Accessible installation.

> Unisex Accessible Toilet in New Buildings


Everything you need to know about Front and Dividing Fences

> Fencing Information Sheet


Shire of Dardanup Policy ensuring stormwater discharge from private property is adequately planned.

> Stormwater Discharge from Buildings (Eng 20)

More Fact Sheets on a range of topics associated with building can be found on the Building Commission Website.

The following links may also be of assistance for Building-related information:

> Registered Building Surveyors
> Building Code of Australia (BCA or NCC)