Energy Efficiency

Sustainability is an important factor in buying, renovating or building your own home.  If building or renovating your own home, there is a lot you can do to ensure that your project is:

  • Energy and water efficient;
  • Reduces its impact on climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • Is as ‘green’ as possible.

The WA Government is committed to the efficient use of energy throughout the state.  The 6 Star Energy Efficiency requirements (including lighting efficiency) became mandatory in May 2012 and apply to all new homes and any renovations or extensions to existing homes that require a Building Permit.

More information can be obtained from the Building Commission’s website.  You can also browse through the Your Home website and the Living Greener website.

Information on Energy Efficiency Assessors in your area can be obtained from the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors website.