Next set of bird murals completed in Burekup and Millbridge

Scarlet Robins located in Burekup (click to enlarge)

This week has seen another three public art projects completed by artist Jackson Harvey, in Burekup and Millbridge.

The murals are part of a five-year project endorsed by Council at the beginning of the year to provide accessible public art to the community and celebrate local bird species.

The artwork on the toilet block behind the Burekup Hall located on the corner of Russell Road and Gardiner Street depicts the Scarlet Robin, which can be often seen around the Burekup area.

Whereas the other two murals on two separate power boxes along Eaton Drive in Millbridge, illustrate an Australian Pelican and Eastern Osprey.

Thus far the response to the murals has been overwhelmingly positive.

Australian Pelican located on Eaton Drive, Millbridge (click to enlarge)

Eastern Osprey located on Eaton Drive, Millbridge (click to enlarge)