New recycling stations in 5 locations!

The Shire of Dardanup wants to make it easier for you to recycle along with helping ensure household hazardous waste is disposed of correctly.

Now you can drop off batteries, plastic bottletops and bulbs to one of 5 handy new Recycling Stations!

We’re saving you a trip out to the Stanley Road Waste Management Facility’s large Recycling Station where we’ll be regularly transferring our drop-offs to.

Find our new Recycling Stations at:

  • Administration Centre, Eaton
  • Eaton Recreation Centre
  • Eaton Community Library
  • Dardanup Office
  • Shire of Dardanup Depot

Batteries and bulbs fall into the category of Household Hazardous Waste and if not disposed of correctly, pose both a health and environment threat. They don’t belong in your general waste bin.

And plastic bottletops can be recycled but not by the processors who collect your kerbside yellow-topped recycling bin. They need to go to a different processor so drop them off at one of our new Recycling Stations.