New planning policy reduces red tape

To reduce red tape and streamline the planning approval process, Dardanup Shire Council has adopted a new policy: CP091 Exempted Development and Land Use Policy.

Under the new policy, a range of developments and land use types are proposed to no longer require planning approval.

The policy was prepared by identifying a number of low intensity land uses and developments which could be dealt with either via a building permit or through an event or trading approval.

Policy CP091 has effect from May 7, 2020 and is available for viewing at THIS LINK..

You can also visit our Planning Policies and Standards page.

The objectives of LPP CP091 are to:

1. Provide certainty about what is considered minor development and to exempt such development from the need for development approval;

2. To streamline the land use planning regulatory process and to reduce red tape; and

3. Ensure acceptable development outcomes are maintained.

Policy CP091 applies to all zoned land applicable under the Shire of Dardanup Town Planning Scheme No.3 inclusive of the land contained within the Landscape Protection Areas.

It should be noted that while Policy CP091 identifies certain development types that do not require development approval, a building permit or other approval may still need to be obtained from the Shire.

Policy CP091 contains a number of provisions which supersede existing development standards and provisions outlined in Policy CP101 – Outbuildings, Patios and Carports.

Policy CP101 has now been revoked.

In addition, policy CP091 exempts a number of development and land use types from the requirement for development approval, and specifies criteria to which such development must comply.

The policy specifies where development approval will be required in particular when:

  • A lot or development is located on a Register of Heritage Places, or
  • Subject to an order under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990, or
  • Located on a Heritage list prepared in accordance with the Scheme.

The policy also outlines that a development approval may be required for the listed developments where the development site is located within a bush fire prone area.

Please contact the Shire Planning department should you have any questions relating to the new policy.