Improving safety on Eaton Drive

Improving safety for drivers and pedestrians while maintaining traffic flow during a period of fast-paced urban growth is the aim of a series of road projects along Eaton Drive between Forrest Highway and the Treendale Bridge, underway now and set to continue rolling out over the next two years.

The series of projects is outlined in Council’s just-adopted Road Assets Management Plan which sets out the scope and timing of construction, renewal and maintenance for the Shire’s 477 kilometres of road assets.

From south to north, the Eaton Drive projects include:

Forrest Highway Intersection
This intersection is managed by Main Roads WA however the Shire of Dardanup is working with MRWA with the aim of introducing a second right hand turning lane toward Bunbury.

Timing of this upgrade would depend on availability of State Government funding.

Blue Wren Drive
New roundabout at the intersection of Eaton Drive and Blue Wren Drive improving driver safety between Forrest Highway and Recreation Drive and made possible via the allocation of $500,000 in State Government Black Spot funding. Detailed designs are almost complete following a period of community consultation on the roundabout plan. Construction is set to begin early in the new financial year.

Glen Huon Boulevard
Roundabout at the intersection of Glen Huon Boulevard and Eaton Drive with concept drawings already underway. A period of community consultation will occur during 2020/21 followed by development of more details designs. Construction is expected in the 2021/22 financial year.

Hands Avenue
In response to safety concerns raised about Hands Avenue, the Shire of Dardanup has undertaken a traffic management study and sought advice from Main Roads WA. The resulting solution could involve closing the Hands Avenue intersection while possibly connecting Watson or Cudliss Street with Eaton Drive to ensure safe passage of pedestrians across Eaton Drive to Eaton Fair.

Additionally, due to identification of an expected resulting increase in traffic along Watson Street, modifications will be made to Pratt Road to encourage traffic away from Watson Street and onto Hamilton Road as a favoured route.

Initial concept designs are underway for this series of upgrades and consultation will occur with the community on the possible impacts and solutions in the near future.

It is hoped that a solution, supported by the community, will be reached within 12 months and – should funding support be available – construction to occur in the 2021/22 financial year.

From Parkridge Estate
Construction of a second carriageway for Eaton Drive from Parkridge Estate to the Treendale Bridge is intended to commence in 2020/21

Also identified for attention under Council’s Road Assets Management Plan are:

  • Recently completed upgrades to Ferguson Road in Dardanup as also identified in the Dardanup Community Facilities Plan and bringing significant improvement to the town centre and providing good connection to the Ferguson Valley;
  • Continued improvements to Pile and Harris Roads creating safer connections to the Ferguson Valley for motorists and cyclists;
  • Street lighting along Golding Crescent in Picton East.

Council endorsed the Road Assets Management Plan at its meeting this week.