How can we improve our outdoor spaces?

It’s widely recognised that physical activity is a key ingredient for healthy and happy communities.

Dardanup Shire Council wants to maximise opportunities for community members to participate in sport and recreation by continually improving our facilities.

In particular, Council wants your input on how it can improve the outdoor spaces you use for things like cycling and walking.

And we want to make it as easy as possible for you to contribute! As with other recent consultations, our online Connect Dardanup platform allows you to drop a pin on a map of the shire and leave a comment with your thoughts on how the area can be improved.

Perhaps you know of a walk trail that could be easily extended? Or an ideal spot for a basketball hoop? Drop a pin in the map and let us know.
Or if you prefer, simply fill out the online survey.

Your feedback will shape direction of a Shire of Dardanup 10-year Sport and Recreation Plan which maps out the direction of future sport and recreation facility planning in your area.

As well as ‘passive’ recreation such as walking and cycling, the Plan will also cover organised sports through sporting clubs with many in-person interviews and workshops already conducted with local sporting groups.

Community consultation on Council’s Sport and Recreation Plan is open until Sunday, October 11.

Jump in and have your say!