Have you seen our Community Recycling Stations?

We’re sending a great big congratulations to all those recycling champions who have recently been making use of our Community Recycling Stations.

They provide a drop-off point for batteries, bulbs and bottle tops which can’t be recycled using your Yellow-topped Recycling Bin.

Our e-waste champion Matt from E-Recovery emptied the station bins again for us and reported back the following volumes diverted from landfill:

  • 27kg of household batteries
  • 2kg of light globes
  • 5kg of bottle tops

That takes the running total of volumes collected at our Community Recycling Stations to:

  • 81kg of household batteries
  • 7kg of light globes
  • 42kg of bottle caps

For more information about our Community Recycling Stations and their locations visit this previous post to our website: