Have you placed a special gnome at Gnomesville?

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work on Gnomesville we go!

Volunteers are about to embark on a big clean-up of Gnomesville in the Ferguson Valley.

The team will tread very carefully and treat the local Gnome residents with the respect they deserve however, our project will involve removing injured Gnomes and relocating Gnomes attached to trees and plants.

Some of these sick and wounded gnomes do have a family though and some even stood in memory of someone special.

So, Gnome owners are invited to collect their gnome prior to the project start and then return a replaced or restored gnome back to site afterwards.

Work will commence at Gnomesville on Tuesday, October 30 and continue every Tuesday until complete.

The clean-up project includes a partnership between the Shire of Dardanup and the Department of Corrective Services , Bunbury Regional Prison – Pre Release Unit Section 95 Prisoner Program.

Gnome rescuers should collect their gnome before October 30.

Volunteers at Gnomesville will also be working to contain the site within a specified boundary, section areas for assessment and sorting, weeding and general clean-up.

Work will include the repair and reinstatement of the boundary fencing following the surveying of the area  plus identification of trees that require pruning or removal in the interests of public safety.

An additional consideration of the project has been to reduce environmental impact of the gnomes on native vegetation and the riverbed.

More updates will be provided as this project progresses…