Friendly reminder to leave ACROD bays for those who need them most!

Did you know parking in a designated ACROD bay without an ACROD Parking Permit could attract an on-the-spot fine of $300?

This is the penalty nominated under the Local Government (Parking for People with Disabilities) Regulations 2014 (Regulations) and enforced by Local Government Rangers.

The maximum court-imposed penalty is $2000.

The Shire of Dardanup would like to remind drivers about the importance of adhering to the Regulations to help improve accessibility for all to local facilities.

Eaton Fair management recently improved accessibility at its shopping centre by installing additional ACROD bays within its roof-top carpark along with a lift providing access from the carpark to the ground floor of the centre.

Under the Regulations, only vehicles with an ACROD Parking Permit displayed can park in a designated ACROD bay.

ACROD Parking Permits are issued in WA by the ACROD Parking Program to applicants:

  • who are unable to walk and always requires the use of a wheelchair; or
  • whose ability to walk is severely restricted by a permanent disability or medical condition; or
  • whose ability to walk is severely restricted by a temporary disability or medical condition
    (for a minimum of six months).

Short term severe walking restrictions may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

For more information, about the Regulations, visit the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

For information about ACROD permits visit