FOGO Update

Shire staff and Councillors have received a number of enquiries and requests with regards to the recent roll out of FOGO services and the associated reduced size of the Red-lidded General Waste Bin.
Based on this, Shire staff is preparing a report to Council’s 27 October meeting seeking to introduce additional waste service options plus the proposed fees and charges associated with these new service options.
The new options, if approved by Council, would allow for residents to increase the amount of General Waste service capacity provided to their home. Detail on the options that will be proposed and the associated charges are being determined and we’ll provide further information on this as soon as it becomes available.
If you would like to register interest in an increased service, please email
Also, just a few points worth considering:
  • Give it a go! See how you go! Research and experience shows if we sort our waste correctly, 140L should be enough for most homes.
  • A smaller bin for General Waste is now considered by the Waste Authority to be best practice for 3 Bin Systems. It’s all about encouraging us to reduce the amount of waste we generate and send to landfill.
  • Explore the full range of recycling options available to make the most of your General Waste Bin capacity. Think our Community Recycling Stations for bottletops, batteries and globes, Red Cycle bins for soft plastics at most supermarkets, our new monthly E-waste collection service plus Containers for Change.
Our Waste Team is on standby to provide additional advice and resources. Phone them on 1800 260 033.
You can also visit our website FAQs on this topic here.