Seniors Celebration Day: IT Talk: Smartphones and Mobiles

Learn all the ins and outs of using your smart phone from IT tech guru. There are so many features…

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Seniors Celebration Day: Festive Cupcakes

Join Natalie from Guardians of Happiness as she shows you how to decorate some cute and festive cupcakes! You’ll be sure…

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Seniors Celebration Day: Luncheon and Concert 2019

              Doors Open 10:30am – Workshops Starting 11am-  Luncheon and Entertainment Starting 12:00pm –…

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Seniors Celebration Day: Dried Floral Bags

Use delicate dried flowers to create a beautiful floral floral arrangement in a cute little hessian bag. These gorgeous arrangements…

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Botanical Bath Bombs (all ages)

Bath bombs make bath time fun! Facilitator: Francine from Pollen Nation