Proposed 3 Bin System

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When an online survey in March, 2015 asked residents if they wanted shire waste collection services expanded to include a third wheelie bin for organics, the community delivered a message loud and clear.

An unprecedented number of responses were received.

And 70 per cent of residents told us they were against the idea, mostly due to an associated increase in rates.

The outcome saw Council vote against the planned introduction of a 3 Bin System despite the service having already been rolled out by neighbouring local governments.


Survey Results:

  • 72 per cent of people indicated they wouldn’t be satisfied with their General Waste bin being collected fortnightly if a third organics bin was introduced
  • 96 per cent of people indicated their household made a concerted effort to separate recycling
  • 43 per cent already process their own organic waste using worms, chickens or a compost bin

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