E-waste Collection Service

We’re throwing our support behind the passionate work of a shire resident to divert from landfill more e-waste and other recyclables not fit for your yellow-lidded bin.

Council has committed funds to help Matt Meijer of E-Recovery with providing a regular and convenient e-waste collection service for residents.

Collections will be provided at the following locations:

Eaton – Eaton Community College carpark off Recreation Drive
9.00am to 11.00am
Last Saturday of every month

Dardanup – Carramar carpark, off Little Street
9.00am to 11.00am
First Saturday of every month



What can you drop-off?

  • All e-waste – Matt says anything with a powercord or batteries like kitchen and household appliances, tvs and audio, landline and mobile phones, toys, tools, computers and accessories, household and car batteries, light globes. (Please empty vacuum cleaners and provide clean items only.)
  • Unused/out-of-date medicines
  • All types of metal
  • x-rays
  • prescription glasses
  • aerosol cans
  • Nescafe branded coffee pods
  • paint
  • candle stumps
  • bread bag clips
  • epirbs and flares

Banksia Road Transfer Station

Under the trial, E-waste items listed above can also be dropped off at our Banksia Road Transfer Station at no cost.

Where does it end up?

  • E-recovery works to re-home and reusable items.
  • Most E-waste is being dismantled by E-Recovery and the materials are recycled through the metal recycle industry.
  • Unfortunately plastics from e-waste are not being recycled and go to landfill, although he has purchased a shredder with the hope of providing shredded plastics like ABS to recyclers in the future.
  • Items like televisions and computer keyboards and monitors are handed in at the Davenport E-waste collection point under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.
  • All household hazards like smoke alarms, paints, aerosol cans, household batteries etc are handed in at the Stanley Road waste facility.
  • Coffee pods are recycled by Nescafe
  • Bread tags go to “Bread tags for wheelchairs”
  • Prescription glasses go to the Lions Club
  • Candle stumps are melted down to make new candles
  • Bottle tops go the Precious Plastics in Margaret River