In our modern-day environment, there are many sources of noise. Some are not noticed or don’t bother us while others can cause significant nuisance. One of the core duties of Health Services is the enforcement of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations which set a limit to the amount of noise that may be received at sensitive premises such as dwellings.  If you are having issues with a noise nuisance, you may find this comprehensive Information Sheet of assistance.

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The law does allow people to create a limited amount of noise without affecting the amenity of surrounding neighbours.  Environmental Health Officers can advise you on the allowable limits.

The other aspect of the Noise Regulations is that they provide certain controlled exemptions for public events, entertainment venues, building sites, household equipment (lawn-mowers, musical instruments), and calls to worship. If you are in one of these categories and you wish to know more about your entitlements, restrictions, and the process of applying for exemption, please contact Health Services.

Noise Exemption Regulation 18 Application (Form 93)
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