Eaton Drive: Project Update

A series of road projects along Eaton Drive between Forrest Highway and Treendale Bridge are progressing with the exception of proposed improvements at the Hands Avenue intersection which Council resolved at its meeting last month to defer for further investigation of available options.

Eaton residents are also invited to a Town Meeting on Wednesday, July 22 to hear more about projects planned for their town over the next 12 months and consider an opportunity to be more involved in future decision-making as a member of Council’s Eaton Advisory Group.

Blue Wren Drive

Council has commenced a procurement process for construction of a new roundabout at the intersection of Blue Wren Drive and Eaton Drive with a Tender for the works expected to be awarded next month and construction to begin once the wet winter weather clears.
The roundabout was made possible via the allocation of $500,000 in State Government Black Spot funding.

Glen Huon Boulevard

Design of a roundabout at the intersection of Glen Huon Boulevard and Eaton Drive is well underway. A period of community consultation will occur during 2020/21 followed by development of more detailed designs. Construction is expected in the 2021/22 financial year.

Hands Avenue

At its meeting on June 24, Council agreed to delay construction at the Hands Avenue-Eaton Drive intersection to 2022/23 allowing time to undertake a Feasibility Study into options for improving safety.

Options to be considered by the study will include:

• Five-leg roundabout at the intersection of Hamilton Road and Eaton Drive
• Signalised intersection at a new intersection of Eaton Drive and Cudless Street; and
• Signalised intersection at a new intersection of Eaton Drive and Watson Street.

The resulting study will provide traffic modelling, indicative costs and pros and cons associated with each option and be presented back to Council for further consideration before a period of community consultation occurs on the proposed way forward.

From Parkridge Estate

Procurement for works associated with construction of a second carriageway for Eaton Drive from Parkridge Estate to the Treendale Bridge is about to commence with construction planned for the 2020/21 Financial Year.

Eaton Drive has been planned as a four lane dual carriageway since the 1990s and funded via developer contributions collected over time. When initially constructed, funds weren’t available to complete the full planned four lanes so two were installed with a view to expand once enough funds had been collected and traffic increased to a level that required the additional two lanes.

The series of projects is outlined in Council’s just-adopted Road Assets Management Plan which sets out the scope and timing of construction, renewal and maintenance for the Shire’s 477 kilometres of road assets.

Please register your attendance for the Eaton Town Meeting to be held on Wednesday, July 22 – 5.00pm to 7.00pm at the Administration Centre, Eaton.

Email your name and mobile phone number to Personal Assistant to Director Infrastructure Peta Nolan