Eaton Drive project reaches completion!

A project which added an additional southbound lane to reduce traffic congestion within the northern section of Eaton Drive is effectively completed with only verge and median landscaping continuing throughout November.

Shire of Dardanup CEO André Schönfeldt said he appreciated community patience during the project’s unexpectedly lengthy period of works and understood first-hand frustrations the delays with the project had caused.

“I am disappointed it’s taken this long to complete,” Mr Schönfeldt said.

“From this Eaton Drive project we have learned the level of pre-start preparation now required is even greater and exponentially more important due to trades and materials not being as readily available as they were prior to the pandemic and the injection of Covid recovery funding into the economy.”

Mr Schönfeldt said recent procurement processes on upcoming road and planning projects had resulted in receiving tendered prices significantly higher than budget estimates – sometimes as much as 80 per cent higher.

As a result Council has requested a quarterly Budget review in addition to the usual mid Budget review so further assessments can be made on what projects can be reasonably achieved while still ensuring value for money and which projects may need to be deferred until the economic climate cools down.

Shire President Mick Bennett said he could not support ratepayer funds being spent on hyper-inflated prices when deferral – at least until significant projects in the region such as the Bunbury Outer Ring Road were completed – would make more financial sense.