Dardanup: Thank you for pitching in on your plan!

We’re saying a great, big ‘THANK YOU’ to the 320 residents who recently visited our Connect Dardanup via Social Pinpoint online platform to help us with planning the future of Dardanup.

Over a five week period from January 4, we asked residents to visit the website, review the Dardanup Community Facilities Plan, indicate their level of support and post feedback comments.

The feedback we received via our new online style of consultation – designed to make it easier and more convenient for community members to contribute their input to Council decisions – was so valuable.

In total there were 94 comments posted along with 125 ‘likes’ and 19 ‘dislikes’.

We’ve been working with the members of the newly-formed Dardanup Advisory Group to adjust the town’s Community Facilities Plan endorsed back in 2018.

Through our recent consultation we hoped to make sure the rest of the Dardanup community was happy with the changes and shared vision we’ve developed for the town.

A report has been prepared for Council with recommendations for changes to the Community Facilities Plan based on the feedback received.

Once considered and adopted by Council, the final Amended Plan will serve as a blueprint to guide and prioritise development of future facilities in Dardanup – things like buildings, recreation facilities, roads, paths, signage, public art, lighting, tourism amenities, green spaces and streetscapes.