South West DAMA

DAMA Overview

Designated Area Migration Agreements are a formal arrangement between the Commonwealth of Australia and a designated area representative (DAR).

A DAR may be a state / territory government or regional body such as the local government (South West DAR – Shire of Dardanup).

Under the terms of a DAMA, the designated area may be able to access a broader range of overseas workers that is not available through the standard skilled visa programs.

This allows variations to standard occupations and skills lists and /or negotiable concessions to visa requirements.

DAMA Labour Agreements are between the Australian Government and endorsed employers operating within the relevant region. They are generally in effect for five years and use the Temporary Skills Shortage and Employer Nominated Scheme visa programs.

The South West DAMA Labour Agreement is accessible for businesses operating within the entire South West area covering 12 local government areas that are unable to source skilled workers locally and require the skilled worker to be sourced from overseas. The employers who have an interest in accessing the DAMA are required to submit an application to the DAR for endorsement and this will be required to access the South West DAMA Labour Agreement.

Only the businesses operating within the following local government areas will be eligible to apply for the DAR endorsement and access the South West DAMA Labour Agreement:

  • City of Bunbury
  • City of Busselton
  • Shire of Augusta Margaret River
  • Shire of Boyup Brook
  • Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes
  • Shire of Capel
  • Shire of Collie
  • Shire of Dardanup
  • Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup
  • Shire of Harvey
  • Shire of Manjimup
  • Shire of Nannup

The majority of DAMA agreements include occupations available under the standard TSS 482 visa or regional 494 visa program. However, the benefit of a DAMA is that concessions to the English language, Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), age, skills and Permanent Residency requirements may be available. Where Concession is to be requested support data will be required to support the request for the concession.


Different business sectors within the South West Region have been finding it challenging to hire skilled labour.

Some business find local employees are not applying for the skilled job whereas some businesses are experiencing a high labour turnover.

Such prevailing factors are forcing businesses to look for potential candidates from overseas. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) conducted a Business Confidence Survey to find out the concerns towards the growth of Western Australian (WA) businesses.

Skill shortages was the greatest concern for most of WA businesses.

As per reported by the CCIWA, three out of every ten (31%) businesses identified skilled labour shortages as one of the largest barriers towards the growth of the business over the coming years.

Skill shortages outweigh the other issue as the top barrier to growth.

Occupations in demand

The South West DAMA Labour Agreement may only be used to sponsor the following occupations and only after thorough evidence has been provided to the Department to show that the business made concerted attempts to recruit Australian workers.

If vacancies still exist in the occupations below, you may seek to enter into a South West DAMA Labour Agreement.

Hospitality, Accommodation, Tourism, and Retail Sector

Accommodation and Hospitality Manager
Bar Attendant (Supervisor)
Café or Restaurant Manager
Hospitality Workers
Hospitality, Retail and Service Manager
Hotel or Motel Manager
Hotel Service Manager
Retail Supervisor
Waiter Supervisor

Carers, Health & Welfare Workers

Aged or Disabled Carer
Child Care Worker
Community Worker
Disabilities Services Officer
Enrolled Nurse
Family Support Worker
Nursing Support Worker
Residential Care Worker
Welfare Worker
Youth Worker

Construction Industry & Engineers

Construction Project Manager
Civil Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Production or Plant Engineer
Transport Engineer

Plant Operators

Backhoe Operator
Earthmoving Plant Operator
Excavator Operator
Loader Operator

Timber Industry

Truck Driver
Timber Industry Logging Plant Operator
Sawmill or Timber Yard Worker
Technician and Other occupations
Metallurgical or Materials Technician
Sand Blaster
Steel Fixer
Tyre Fitter

Dairy Industry

Dairy Product Maker


General Practitioner


ICT project Manager

Click to access Position Descriptions for each occupation listed.

Apply now!

Applications for the South West Designated Area Migration Agreement are now open.

South West employers must first apply to the South West DAR (Shire of Dardanup) for endorsement before entering into an individual DAMA labour agreement with the Australian Government. The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs is responsible for making labour agreements and all visa decisions.

The South West DAR will assess the employer’s eligibility before endorsement is provided and a letter of Endorsement and copies of the supporting documents will be sent to the Australian Government and the employer.

Endorsed employers can then apply for a DAMA Labour Agreement within the Minister’s delegate (Department of Home Affairs) through Immi Account. Once the Labour Agreement is approved, the business submits a skills verification application for the prospective visa applicant. Once the South West DAR approves the skills verification for the prospective applicant, the nomination and visa (subclass482/494) application can be submitted.

For information and assistance regarding the South West DAMA email

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