Council unveils map for shire future

The Shire of Dardanup is providing a glimpse into what life might be like in the region 30 years from now with the unveiling of its 2050 Vision document.

See the 2050 Vision here.


Over 12 months ago Council embarked – with its community – on the biggest forward-thinking exercise it had ever undertaken.

Consultation involved group workshops, town meetings, a community summit, an online platform and input sought from experts on sustainable development from across Australia.

The process has taken longer than expected with meetings cancelled plus delays to reporting and development of the final document associated with periods of lockdown related to containment of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But Shire President Mick Bennett said he felt the result had been worth waiting for.



“What you will find in its 51 pages is a concise, informative and easy to digest birds-eye view of where we are now but most importantly, where we are going,” Cr Bennett said.

“A document like this 2050 Vision, which has been created through intense collaboration with our community, fortifies the message we can now deliver to potential investors.

“It tells our story and invites them to be a part of it. “

The 2050 Vision clearly defines what is important to the Shire of Dardanup community, via five aspirations and demonstrates how those ideals and values will be preserved for future generations.

It aims to make the ideas generated during the consultations realistic and achievable via listed objectives which provide a focus to advance key projects.

“It will fuel your imagination while providing hope, reassurance and anticipation about how the shire will look and how the community will use and live within the places we create as projected growth and development is activated,” Cr Bennett said.

The number of people living in the Shire of Dardanup is expected to double by 2050 with the majority of the future population living in Eaton, Millbridge and the new City of Wanju.

Cr Bennett said future land use planning indicated the shire would be a premier catchment for population growth in the region over the coming decades.

“We have a big job ahead! But what we also have is opportunity,” Cr Bennett said.

“A powerful opportunity to shape how the coming change occurs. Recording all of our values and aspirations now in this 2050 Vision means progress can be achieved in a way that benefits everyone, while enhancing those aspects of our identity which are important to us.”

Hard copies of the the 2050 Vision document are available to view at the Eaton Administration Centre and Dardanup Office or Eaton Community Library.