Council says embrace new multi-million dollar footy facilities

Cars will not be permitted to park around the oval at Glen Huon Reserve following a decision by Dardanup Shire Council to instead promote use of the new pavilion facilities for game viewing and protect the grounds, recently upgraded with extensive new drainage, from damage.

Council considered the issue at its May 30 meeting in response to a letter from Eaton Boomers Football Club requesting permission for cars to park around the oval on game days.

Council declined the request following an extensive report by Shire staff outlining several reasons against the move.

Among the reasons was a lack of sufficient space for cars to circulate safely around the oval.

“As the design of the new facilities evolved it became apparent due to space constraints that car parking around the oval was not suitable,” the report said.

“The new pavilion and change rooms being side by side instead of a two storey building as originally intended, provided terraced seating and standing room for spectators on the western side of the oval, not only providing the advantage of drawing the crowd to the pavilion and cafeteria facilities, but enabling spectators to watch the football matches and not be looking into the sun.

“It was discussed at the working groups when finalising the design of the buildings that having patrons congregate around the pavilion would increase revenue received by the club on game day as people are more likely to purchase refreshments when close to the pavilion.”

In December, the Shire of Dardanup completed the $135,000 installation of subsoil drainage at the oval.

Council agreed to the project in August as an interim measure for addressing waterlogging issues experienced at the oval last winter.

Extensive measures were then undertaken prior to commencement of the 2018 South West Football League season to rehabilitate the turf.

Read more about the measures in this previous post to our website:

Shire Staff reported to Council that granting vehicles access to the oval would result in damage potentially creating an annual maintenance bill of over $10,000.

Shire of Dardanup CEO Mark Chester said: “We have a confined space to work with but the best facilities in the league so I don’t feel that not being able to park around the oval is a game-changer.”

“Eaton is moving towards becoming a vibrant, modern community so I would encourage community members to enjoy the new opportunities and benefits that brings.”

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