Connect Dardanup Podcast

The Shire of Dardanup aims to provide community members with quality news and content via a range of communications platforms with the aim of informing, engaging, connecting and empowering active involvement in decision-making.

The Connect Dardanup Podcast is a creative approach to keeping the community up-to-date with news on projects, events and other grassroots information from the Shire of Dardanup as well as connecting community members through dynamic online conversations.


Shire President Mick Bennett provides a five minute overview to SEN Spirit radio presenter Naomi Pearce on news, events, programs and projects being delivered by the Dardanup Shire Council.


“What are we but our stories”
– American novelist James Patterson.

Inspired by the unique and interesting stories of community members that emerged during its Front Porch Project earlier in 2020, the Shire of Dardanup has launched a region-leading project to celebrate its quiet champions while fostering connection and local pride.

The Connect Dardanup ‘My Place. My People’ series was delivered as eight episodes.

From Friday, August 7 a 30-minute episode was released each week and featured the personal stories of a community member.

Each episode dove deep into our guests’ unique journey and experience of connecting, working and living within the Shire of Dardanup.

Listen to their stories below and find out how you can make contact with them

presented by: Richard Stacey

EPISODE 1 Jill Cross
Community champion
2 Kim Grant
Wildlife Warrior
3 Jake Harvie 
Star hockey player
4 Dylon Newport
5 Cheryl Rourke
Tourism Ambassador
6 Kahlia Murray
Community champion
7 Les Wallam
Chief Executive Officer – Roelands Village
8 Shelby Irene
Founder of Happy Little Cacti


All these records were done on traditional lands of the Noongar nation. We acknowledge the traditional custodianship of these lands, and pay our respect to the Noongar people for their care and stewardship of these lands for more than 40,000 years and to the elderly of the Noongar Nation past, present and future.

Bunbury Community Radio

This podcast series has been made possible thanks to Bunbury Community Radio which kindly supplied recording equipment for the interviews. Visit them on Facebook.

Thank you

Sincere thanks also to Dylon Newport for the podcast music and Barrie Wilson for his expert assistance with sound and post production.