Emergency Management

When you think about an Emergency, you naturally think of police, fire engines and ambulances.

But did you know: Local Government also has an important role to play in Emergency Management?

Mostly the Shire of Dardanup works on planning for an Emergency and where necessary, helping our community recover from an Emergency.

Our role here is defined by the Emergency Management Act 2005.

The Act recognises local governments, like the Shire of Dardanup, as the closest level of government to their communities.

That puts us in the best position to assist our community with enhancing resilience and preparedness for emergencies.

Our key responsibilities involve:

Achieving all of this means working closely with a range of emergency response agencies such as WA Police Service and Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Our community education component includes encouraging community members to consider creating a plan for the welfare of their animals during an emergency such as a bushfire.

We do this via our Local Emergency Management Committee which meets on a quarterly basis.