Community workshops to explore dog park design

Design concepts for a fenced dog exercise area located at either the east end or west end of Eaton Foreshore will be developed via hands-on workshops with nearby property owners and the broader community following Dardanup Shire Council agreeing to general support for the project at its meeting last week.

Council acknowledged the results of a recent community survey about the project which received 532 responses – the biggest response ever received by the Shire to a consultation of its kind – and indicated general support from residents.

But conscious of concern from property owners near Eaton Foreshore about the potentially negative impact of a fenced dog exercise area on the amenity of the location, Council requested that concept plans be prepared with direct consultation with the affected property owners. These concept plans will then be referred back to Council through its dedicated Working Group and the Eaton Townscape Committee

Shire of Dardanup CEO André Schönfeldt said an invitation will be extended to the broader community to attend an Enquiry by Design workshop during which it is expected that concept plans for both the eastern and western end will be developed. Following this workshop a further workshop specifically for the affected property owners will be held to further discuss the proposed concepts.

“This will be an opportunity for Staff to work closely with interested community members and come up with a concept that will meet expectations and ideally become an asset for the Shire that will attract visitors from neighbouring areas,” Mr Schönfeldt said.

“We’ve heard the concerns of nearby property owners and we want to ensure those concerns are given due consideration during the design phase”

The Shire of Dardanup has almost 2,500 registered dogs plus a range of existing on and off-leash options for exercising them.

Council believes provision of a fenced dog exercise area – enabling dog owners to exercise and socialise their pets in a controlled environment – could assist with reducing dog-related issues in the community such as excessive barking and aggression.