Burning on your property still a risk

The Restricted Burning Period has now finished in the Shire of Dardanup.

But due to unexpected above-average temperatures and minimal rainfall, soils and grasses have remained very dry this Autumn.

While burning can be a convenient way of removing garden refuse from your property, the danger of a fire escaping control means that it is not necessarily the best option.

We urge you to consider suitable alternative options such as:

  • Mulching;
  • Utilising a green waste facility/tip;
  • Stockpiling your green waste for the October collection.

If you are considering burning, please be aware that the conditions around doing so vary for rural and residential areas of the shire.

Property owners located in residential areas (other than in Burekup and Dardanup townsites), need to obtain a Burning Permit.

Applications for a permit are available at no cost from your local Fire Control Officer for the purpose of hazard reduction.  The Fire Control Officer will note the relevant conditions you must comply with on your burning permit.

Residential zones in Burekup and Dardanup are exempt from obtaining a permit during non-prohibited times under the 2017/18 Fire Prevention Order.

For this reason, before lighting a burn, please speak to your local Fire Control Officer . Also read the full Shire of Dardanup Fire Prevention Order for conditions and your obligations.