Burekup: This is your plan!

Dardanup Shire Council has been working on finding new ways to talk with its community.

Ensuring plenty of input from residents is received on future plans results in good outcomes.

But we get it. Not everyone has time for town meetings or wading through bulky documentation so your opinion can be heard?

The Shire of Dardanup has found the solution in an exciting new online tool – think Facebook, meets Pinterest meets Google Earth.

Now sharing your ideas, providing input, indicating your level of support and even discussing the future of your town with friends and neighbours will be as easy as posting a comment on social media.

Introducing Shire of Dardanup ‘Connect’ via Social PinPoint.

And the first project we’re asking the community to provide feedback on using our new Connect system is the draft Burekup Community Facilities Plan.
You might recall, late last year we asked the Burekup community to tell us what they wanted for the future of their town.

> See the Burekup Community Facilities Plan on Connect

The Shire of Dardanup has taken the ideas and feedback received from a survey and previous town meetings and drawn them together into a draft Burekup Community Facilities Plan.

Now we need to ensure our plan still matches the vision residents had in mind.

The final Plan will serve as a blueprint to guide the provision of future facilities in Burekup – things like buildings, roads, recreation facilities, public art, paths, signage, lighting, tourism amenities, green spaces, trails and streetscapes.

By following the below link, residents will be able to look at an aerial map of their town with annotations indicating locations of proposed new facilities and projects as outlined in the new draft plan.

‘Connect’ via Social Pinpoint then allows residents to drop ‘pins’ on the map and provide instant feedback using options such as a ‘thumbs-up like’ to indicate their support for a concept, post a comment or even suggest an alternate idea.

All feedback provided via ‘Connect’ will be exported as data for analysis and summary by Staff at the completion of the consultation period .

The draft Burekup Community Facilities Plan has been released for a four-week period of public consultation from today, Monday, May 18.

The BCFP can be viewed in pdf format here.

As well as Connect, residents are welcome to provide submissions via the below methods:

  • Email: records@dardanup.wa.gov.au
  • In person: Administration Centre, Eaton – 1 Council Drive

For enquiries please contact Personal Assistant, Infrastructure Mrs Peta Nolan on 9724 0304.