Big changes in Eaton Town Centre kick off in May!

Eaton Fair is about to take a big step toward realisation of the rejuvenated Eaton Town Centre with staged improvements involving realignment and reconstruction of Council Drive over coming weeks.

Residents and visitors to the area will now encounter a hive of construction activity created by Eaton Fair’s contractors.

Dardanup Shire President Mick Bennett said Eaton Fair, its contractors and Shire Staff were all working together to ensure the period of interruption to usual traffic flows was completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible, while ensuring easy access to community facilities in the area is maintained.

“Please exercise additional caution when driving or walking through the affected areas and stay tuned via our website and Facebook page for rolling updates,” Cr Bennett said.

“You may have already spotted some preliminary works occurring behind our Administration Centre to realign sewer and stormwater construction.”

The staged works will be as follows:

Stage one (Monday, May 10)

Involves closure of a short section of Council Drive in front of our Administration Centre to build a new carpark access – as marked in orange on the below map.

Anyone wanting to visit us can still access our carpark via Recreation Drive.

Users of the Eaton Football Pavilion and Glen Huon Playground will also be able to access via Recreation Drive.


Stage 2 (Monday, May 17)

Stage 2 will see an additional section of Council Drive closed, while works commence on realignment of the road to the north (see the green line on the map below).

Access to our Administration Centre will be through the new access constructed as part of Stage 1, at the western end of the carpark.

Set to commence on Monday, May 17 Stage 2 will also include a temporary new access to the Football Pavilion from the Recreation Drive (or southern) end of the carpark.


Stage 3 (early June)

Gets underway in early June when the focus of works will move from the portion of Council Drive in front of our Administration Centre, to the section running between Eaton Fair and the playground.

At this point, access to our Administration Centre, Football Pavilion and Playground will be via the new alignment of Council Drive as constructed in Stage 2 (see blue line on map below).

Works included in stage 3 will realign Council Drive to be closer to the playground and will reinstate new car parking in front of the playground (see green line on map below).


Stage 4 (late June) and Stage 5 (July)

Stage 4 involves the construction of a new intersection of the realigned Council Drive and Recreation Drive. To undertake these works a section of Recreation Drive will be closed for through traffic.

The Final Stage (Stage 5) will address kerbing and changes to southern shopping centre carpark entrances.


These changes to Council Drive will be an important stepping stone towards delivering the improvements set out under the Eaton Fair Activity Centre Plan approved by Council in 2017 and subsequently endorsed by the WA Planning Commission.