90s foresight from Council paves the way for family convenience today

A decision by Dardanup Shire Council back in 1994 to fully deregulate trading hours in its area has this week allowed for a second franchise at Eaton Fair to claim the title of having its company’s longest opening hours in WA.

Coles supermarket will now open daily until 11.00pm and follows Kmart’s decision five years ago to introduce 24/7 trading.

Dardanup Shire President Mick Bennett told ABC Radio back in 1994, Council’s decision was not so much a commercial decision as a strategy for attracting both residents and visitors to the area.

And this week, Cr Bennett welcomed the news of Coles extending its trading hours because he said it was good for families.

“Families are busy and this just provides people in our area with more convenience and the opportunity to complete weekly tasks like grocery shopping at times that don’t eat into parts of the day that can be better spent on recreation pursuits and time together,” Cr Bennett said.