Road Projects

Road Projects


Road upgrades and improvements totalling $5.3m in 2016/17 will be carried out on a number of rural and urban roads including:

Falcon Road – Wellington Mill

Installation of additional guardrails and construction of drainage protection works.

Waterloo Road – Dardanup

Road pavement reconstruction of a section near Ferguson Road that is failing.

Kingtree Road – Wellington Mill

Works by the Shire of Dardanup to improve safety along King Tree Road in Wellington Mill are now complete.

The works involved:

  • Realigning, widening and sealing of a 1.7km section between Japonica View Road and the “King Jarrah Tree” car park
  • Widening a 4.2km gravel section to Mungalup Road.

The project was majority funded under the State Black Spot Program.

A final seal will be placed on the road next financial year.

Depiazzi Road / Banksia Road – Dardanup

Road widening to better accommodate significant heavy vehicle traffic.

Moore Road – Dardanup West

Works by the Shire of Dardanup to improve safety along Moore Road, Dardanup are almost complete.

The works have involved:

  • Realignment and widening of a 320m section on the crest of the road close to the Bunbury Outer Ring Road
  • Realignment and widening of a 1.7km section located north of the Bailey Loop/Garvey Road roundabout.

Additional safety improvements include street lighting on the intersections of Busher Road, Gavins Gully Road and Meadow Lane.

Street lights have been installed by Western Power and will be commissioned shortly.

The project was majority funded under the State Black Spot Program.

Eaton Drive Extension

Construction continues on the road north of Jindalee Way to the planned new Millbridge-Treendale Bridge.  Main Roads contractor BMD Constructions has commenced construction of the bridge.


The following roads are scheduled for resealing works:

Henty – Seaview Heights, The Dress Circle, Eastern Rise

Burekup – Brooksy Place, Castieau Street, Gardiner Street.

Dardanup West – Shaw Road, Hollyford Place, Harold Douglas Drive, Maher Place, Rich Place, Vera Place, Carinya Road

Shenton Road – Burekup

Widening and improvement of geometry and drainage from Russell Road to Collie River Road.

Wellington Mill Road

Reconstruction of the first 300m from the Ferguson Road intersection.

Martin Pelusey Road

Shoulder renewal works.

South Road – Dardanup

Re-sheeting with gravel over approximately 4km.

Any dates specified are estimates and are subject to confirmation and weather conditions.

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