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Have you met Councillor Carmel Boyce?

“You have to break a few eggs to make a cake.”

It’s a quirky little quote that Shire of Dardanup Councillor Carmel Boyce uses to describe the great changes she has seen in the community of Eaton since arriving with her husband, Johno almost 30 years ago from Newman and raising both their now adult children, Sara and Rohan, here.

During those 30 years, Carmel has had a long involvement with local community groups from the Leschenault Neighbourhood Toy Library to the Eaton Community and Development Association to the Eaton Community College P & C and more recently SAFE-Saving Animals from Euthanasia.

She confesses to being a ‘dog-tragic’ and animal lover.

Spurred on by the desire to make a difference and well supported by Johno, Carmel was elected to Council in 2003 unopposed and has retained her seat ever since.

While impressed by the progress and urban development that now surrounds her, the passionate environmentalist inside likes to ensure that change occurs responsibly and sustainably.

“I feel like I offer a different perspective in Council,” Carmel says of her time in the role.

“I tend to think about things differently and I like to think I am a mitigating factor when it comes to the impact of progress and development on the environment.”

While she openly admits to being passionate in her attitudes toward environmental issues, Carmel says she has learned to celebrate the small victories along the way and always considers the impact of decisions on the community.

These include projects like the organisation of community planting days and busy bees along the Eaton Foreshore and some major planting up at Leicester Ramble some years ago which complemented a Shire project to create walking paths along the river.

But it’s not just her passion for environmental causes that ensures Carmel offers an alternate voice on Council.

With Councillor Patricia Perks, she is one of only two women on a team of nine – reflective of a national trend for women to be under-represented in Local Government.

Having encouraged Patricia to run for election almost two years ago, Carmel celebrates the addition of another woman to Council as a win for diversity and inclusiveness.

“Representative democracy means that all sections of the community should have representation and I think that our Council mostly achieves that,” she said.

Carmel hopes to see more women in the Council Chambers following Local Government elections in October this year and would encourage any woman with a passion for their community to run.

In her working life, Carmel has enjoyed a long career in computing and administrative roles and is currently working with the Leschenault Catchment Council.

Project Update: Treendale Bridge

Click to enlarge. Pictures courtesy of Paul Freeman.

The deck to support the new Treendale Bridge over the Collie River is taking shape with the first and second concrete pours successfully completed on June 13 and 20.

Progress is on schedule, with other key milestones completed by Main Roads WA contractor BMD Constructions including installation of all bridge piles and concrete pile caps.

There are between 20 and 40 workers onsite at any one time, with more than 20 local subcontractors and businesses being used.

Stay tuned for further updates as the project progresses…

Wheelchair provides new playground perspective

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Shire of Dardanup Engineers took to a wheelchair this week as part of their work in reviewing design of the new playground at Glen Huon Reserve.

The Engineers are considering whether minor changes to the original proposed design could enhance accessibility for children with disabilities.

The review was sparked by feedback received from community members on social media.

The Engineering Team has this week spoken with several community members who came forward to provide their input.

They also met with head of an accessibility and inclusion project Adam Johnson at the Big Swamp Playground in Bunbury.

Mr Johnson – who is conducting PhD research into the area at Edith Cowan University Bunbury – invited the team to use a wheelchair for a better understanding of the difficulties encountered by children with disabilities and their families.

Manager Assets Mick Saunders said the meeting and wheelchair exercise provided some helpful insights and his team was now investigating the possibility of design tweaks.

Stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses…

Project Update: Eaton Foreshore car park

Click to enlarge. Photos courtesy of Paul Freeman.

Extended periods of winter sunshine have allowed for steady progress by Shire Contractors on construction of the new $710,000 Eaton Foreshore car park.

As our overhead images show, pavement material is now being placed with construction of footpaths also underway.

Earthworks have included shaping of water sensitive swales to assist with drainage.

Next on the works schedule will be kerbing, asphalt and planting plus installation of a double, accessible barbecue.

Project completion is expected in mid-July.

The new car park represents Stage 2 of the Eaton Foreshore & Boat Ramp Facility Master Plan, adopted by Council in September 2015.

A $540,000 Stage 1 saw completion of the new nature playground, toilets and reticulation.

Plans are currently being developed for Stage 3 however timing of future stages are dependent on funding availability.

The Master Plan is a guide for the future development of boating facilities and the foreshore reserve. It was developed through the Eaton Townscape Committee after two public meetings and submission periods.

Click to enlarge. Photos courtesy of Paul Freeman


Volunteers pitch in again at Shier Reserve

From left, community volunteers Debbie Brace and Drew Walton with Shire of Dardanup Environmental Officer James Kain.

Hand weeding, rubbish removal and installation of bat boxes were all completed at Shier Reserve, Burekup on Sunday by a group of dedicated community volunteers and the Shire of Dardanup.

The busy bee was part of an ongoing project to improve the health of Shier Reserve in Burekup.

The project has been nominated for a Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable Communities Tidy Towns Award.

The ‘Building Resilience in Shier Reserve’ project is the result of a collaboration between the Shire of Dardanup, Shier Rise Reserve Resilience Committee and the South West Catchment Council after it was identified attention was needed to address a large weed problem threatening existing stands of native plants, particularly Marri trees.

Last year community planting days were held with matting to control weeds installed and native seedlings introduced.