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New manager to drive tourism opportunities

Maximising tourism opportunities and fostering a unified approach in the Bunbury-Geographe region will be key priorities for a newly-appointed Regional Tourism and Development Manager.

Appointed as an integral part of the Bunbury-Wellington and Boyup Brook Regional Tourism Development Strategy – supported by the Shire of Dardanup – the Regional Tourism Marketing and Development Manager will focus on growing the industry and developing a plan to address high priority areas.

The Regional Tourism Development Strategy aims to create a unified approach to the management of tourism development, marketing and infrastructure across the City of Bunbury and Shires of Dardanup, Collie, Harvey, Capel, Donnybrook-Balingup and Boyup Brook.

The strategy also includes partners Australia’s South West and the South West Development Commission.

Specific goals include increasing visitor night to over two million and day trip visitors to over 1.6 million per annum by 2030.

Bunbury-Geographe will be positioned as an adventure-nature getaway bolstered by boutique wine, food, culture and shopping experiences.

The new manager, Anissa Williams, has extensive experience and understanding of the tourism sector.

Ms Williams said she looked forward to returning to a region she was genuinely passionate about after 15 years working in Queensland, the Northern Territory and internationally.

“I am thrilled to be offered the position at such a significant time,” she said. “The Bunbury- Geographe region is on the precipice of exciting change and growth.”

She applauded the seven local governments for coming together to drive tourism in the region.

“We have a strong plan and a clear vision,” she said. “By working together and in partnership with our industry stakeholders, tourism operators and the community, we can achieve great things.

“The Bunbury-Geographe has the potential to be the benchmark for all other tourism regions in Western Australia.”

Ms Williams will start on April 19.

Temporary closure boat ramp and car park

Work is about to start on construction of a new car park near the Eaton Foreshore boat ramp.

The car park forms Stage 2 of the Eaton Foreshore Master Plan.

The works require closure of the foreshore boat ramp and adjoining car park between April 18 and June 30, 2017.

Toilet and playground facilities will still be available to the public during this period and a temporary car park will be established on the reserve, accessible from Pratt Road.

For more information phone Senior Engineering Technical Officer – Operations, Craig Browne on 9724 0348.

You can read this latest update on the Eaton Foreshore Master Plan via this recent post to our website.

Dog owners! Free tips and advice this Sunday at Eaton event

Does your dog have an annoying behaviour that you just can’t get on top of?

A niggling health issue you would like to know more about?

Expert advice and help will be available from a professional dog trainer and local vet as part of a jam packed furry, feathery and scaley program at the Shire of Dardanup’s free The Looking Glass ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ event in Eaton this Sunday

At 12.05 there will be a Pet Health Talk by a local vet with the opportunity for audience questions after the presentation.

At 12.30pm a dog behaviour expert will be giving a presentation on:

  • Body language between dogs plus some frequent misconceptions
  • How dogs communicate with each other. The difference in communication between dogs in a pack (family) and dogs outside of the pack (ones that you may meet in the park for example)
  • How people can improve their body language to better communicate with their dog
  • Using tone of voice rather than commands to communicate with your dog
  • How dogs “train” us using either passive or active training. Recognise the traits and start to address them.

A stall will be available throughout the event so attendees can ask specific questions about dog training and behaviour.

Dogs are most welcome but they MUST be on leash. Other dog-themed fun on the day includes:

  • K9 Connections dog agility demonstrations plus advice on getting involved
  • Dutchfield Dog Training Dog Dancing and Tricks Demonstration
  • A presentation about Greyhounds as pets and dispelling myths around the breed
  • Free pooch and owner portraits
  • Meet some pooches up for adoption and looking for their forever home.

Walk On The Wild Side at Eaton Foreshore this Sunday, March 26 between 11.00am and 2.00pm.

It forms part of the Shire of Dardanup’s The Looking Glass program of events.

For more information and bookings CLICK HERE.

Gardeners asked to join fight against new pest

Home gardeners are being asked by the Department of Agriculture to help monitor and prevent the spread of an exotic new insect pest with the potential to inflict damage on commercial growers and our horticultural industry.

Tomato potato psyllid is a destructive insect pest which feeds on a range of plants including potato, tomato, eggplant, capsicum, chilli, tamarillo and sweet potato.

It was first detected in the Perth area last month and has now been confirmed on more than 50 commercial and residential properties including the Yarloop, Busselton and Margaret River areas.

The Department of Agriculture and Food is asking gardeners to help trap and report the psyllid using a ‘sticky trap’ available for collection from the Shire of Dardanup Administration Centre, Eaton and Dardanup office.

Southern Regional Manager Neil Guise said the department was conducting extensive surveillance and monitoring on commercial horticulture properties and was looking to the community to increase trapping for the psyllid in residential areas.

“About 1500 sticky traps have been installed on properties across regional and metropolitan areas of the State, with more than 500 in the South West as part of the department’s response to this pest,” Mr Guise said.

“Getting the community involved will be a tremendous help in determining the spread of psyllid in the region and is a positive way of supporting our local vegetable growers and industry.

“We are asking people to collect a sticky trap, place it on their property for seven days and then return it in the provided sealed plastic bag.

“The department can then confirm if the psyllid is present at that location.”

Where the psyllid is detected on residential properties, there are a number of treatment options to control the pest. Vegetables and plant material should not be moved from the property.

More information on the tomato potato psyllid response in Western Australia is available on the department’s website

Alternative Library/Admin Centre plan floated

An offer by Citygate Properties to the Shire of Dardanup for the purchase of land currently occupied by its Administration Centre, Eaton and adjacent skatepark will be independently investigated following a recent resolution by Council.

The offer from Citygate also includes an allocation of 3000sq m of land to the Shire within the boundary of Eaton Fair for a new two to three-storey building to house a new co-located community library and administration centre.

Under the plan, the skatepark would be relocated to an area near the new football pavilion car park, west of Glen Huon reserve.

Acceptance of the offer would mean the end of previous concepts for a co-located library and expanded administration centre on the existing site.

Following long deliberation and debate over the offer at its meeting on Wednesday, March 8, Council resolved to give the opportunity due consideration because of the potential for cost savings associated with a new library and administration centre project.

In addition, Council recognised that Citygate Properties converting the Administration Centre land into commercial properties would create an opportunity for an increased rates base over a period of time.

An architect will be engaged as part of the investigation process to create artist’s impressions of the proposed three-storey building concept.

Shire President Mick Bennett said he was excited to see what the outcome of further investigation would uncover for the project in terms of cost and benefits.

“This investigation will ensure that Council has exhausted every avenue for delivering new facilities to its community which are both high quality, but cost efficient,” Mr Bennett said.

“It will also allow for the exploration of issues like the benefits of a timber construction for meeting new standards for energy efficient buildings.

“It does mean a resolution for the project will take longer, but Council believes achieving the best possible result is worth waiting for.”